Divinus Catering: great team work

It is time to break away from preconceived ideas about what catering is, associated nearly always with pre-cooked food, school canteens and vacuum packed food.

Catering has evolved in leaps and bounds in terms of quality, exclusivity and signature cuisine, to the present day tendency in celebrating a great wedding or event.

Divinus Catering is characterised as being traditional cuisine with modern touches, prepared to be transported anywhere and always with seasonal and km 0 produce.  Everything is prepared “in situ”. Everything is fresh and put together at the venue. We are nomads. We travel with everything but the kitchen-sink to where the unforgettable day is to take place.

We are a well-trained group, starting with the team that delivers the pristine kitchenware, table linen and cutlery, in perfect condition, the transport operators and assemblers who are the first to arrive and the last to leave, the ones nobody sees but who touch base and set up the outdoor dining rooms and kitchens so that the wedding day is perfect and when all has ended, when there is complete silence, are responsible for leaving the hall the way it was found.

The chefs and their assistants are resolute in ensuring that guests have a wonderful culinary experience that it is served at the right point and at the right time. The maîtres with their dining-room staff are attentive to the guests, ensuring that they want for nothing and ever attentive to their needs.

The banquet managers and directors are concerned that everything is just right and alert to any need that might arise from the team or from the guests.

In Divinus Catering the work never ceases so that your wedding day is perfect. We pursue and immerse ourselves in new tendencies, in the materials we have to renew and the menus that will be created in coming years.

The work and the determination to do things well and attentively does not end here. Our work is constantly evolving and constantly in pursuit of top class gastronomy.

Welcome to Divinus Catering.

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